UK: Heritage railways react positively to improving safety and the coronavirus pandemic.(Office of Rail & Road)

  • Posted On: 9 September 2020

The non-mainline heritage rail sector has taken steps to improve how it manages safety across its railways and has been praised by the Office of Rail and Road for how it has managed the reopening of its railways since the coronavirus pandemic.

The rail regulator says it supports the action the Heritage Railway Association (HRA) is taking in developing a strategic approach to increasing its capabilities. There has been significant improvements in its leadership to the sector, most visibly by developing and promoting proportionate ways to manage safety risk.

This includes plans to develop a Heritage Safety and Standards Board aimed at increasing cross sector cooperation, sharing safety related information, and delivering an important role in developing, reviewing and promoting proportionate ways to manage safety risk.

UIC to chair IRITS webinar on how to inspire rail passenger confidence.

  • Posted On: 9 September 2020
Major rail operators and cutting-edge solution providers will take part in the webinar ‘Providing a healthy environment for rail passengers’ on 18 September 2020. The webinar is Part One of a four-part series that investigates ‘The power of digital to inspire rail passenger confidence’, and is produced by the International Railway Summit in association with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and Industrial IoT experts Advantech.

11th UIC Covid-19 Task Force web-conference held on 25 August 2020

  • Posted On: 2 September 2020

The 11th meeting of the UIC Covid-19 Task Force was attended remotely on 25 August by around 45 participants from across the globe.

Marc Guigon, Chair of the Task Force, welcomed the participants and gave an update on the global situation, the latest figures related to the Task Force members, the latest RAILsilience guidance documents and future publications.

A series of interesting presentations were then delivered by representatives from JR East (Paris Office), the Federal Railroad Administration (US), UIC Pacific (Australia) and Israel Railways.


  • Posted On: 20 August 2020

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust - the registered charity that built, owns and operates world-famous 100mph new steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado and is currently building Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales – has launched its 30th Anniversary fundraising appeals to keep Tornado operating on the main line and complete Prince of Wales.


It’s now 30 years since The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust was formed to build a new Peppercorn class A1 ‘Pacific’. The original A1s were built by British Railways in 1948/49, however all were scrapped by 1966. The last survivor No. 60145 Saint Mungo was the subject of a failed preservation attempt which left the final development of East Coast Main Line’s famous steam locomotive classes unrepresented in preservation.


The formal launch of The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust was held at the Railway Institute in York on 17th November 1990 where it was announced that the 50th Peppercorn class A1 would carry the running number 60163 – the next in the sequence. The organisation was established with a clear mission: “To build and operate a Peppercorn class A1 ‘Pacific’ steam locomotive for main line and preserved railway use.”

Coronavirus: The full list of when UK railways are reopening – Thursday 25th June 2020

  • Posted On: 26 June 2020

Coronavirus: The full list of when railways are reopening – Thursday 25th June 2020

Reopening Dates...