Haworth-based scheme is on track to tackle future skills shortage.By Alistair Shand(Keighley News)

  • Posted On: 24 July 2019

HAWORTH Station on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway was the ‘birthplace’ of a scheme that is now striving to address a future skills shortage.

Hands-on trades probably haven’t been as enthusiastically pursued in recent years as computers and technology.

Identifying the potential problem for traditional industries such as engineering, increasing emphasis has been placed on apprenticeships.

And it was from Haworth that the idea for the Boiler & Engineering Skills Training Trust (Bestt) emanated.

Torkel Patterson, Board Member from Central Japan Railway Company to speak at World Rail Festival in December.

  • Posted On: 11 July 2019
This week the World Rail Festival has confirmed Torkel Patterson, Board Member from Central Japan Railway Company to speak in December. He joins other world-leading speakers including the CEOs of NS, NTV, GVB, TGV Lyria, Postbus, Vy (NSB) and more.

World Rail Festival: NS, Postbus and Thello are speaking at the World Rail Festival.

  • Posted On: 4 July 2019

Joining us as a speaker in the BBC moderated morning keynote session, Roger Van Boxtel will share NS’ perspective on the opportunities and challenges for the future of rail. Discussing everything from sustainability to international rail and the impact of autonomous vehicles, Roger will share his perspective on the future of rail.

Yarn-bombers knit giant technicolour dream coat for vintage locomotive at Walhalla

  • Posted On: 2 July 2019
A collective of industrious Gippsland knitters has banded together to 'yarn bomb' an historic train, in the hope of raising $230,000 to bring the vintage engine back to service.

It is estimated that it took two kilometres of knitting to cover the vintage locomotive in Walhalla in Victoria's east.

The fully-adorned locomotive, along with other yarn-bombing installations around the town and railway station, was unveiled on Saturday and will add a splash of colour to the historic goldmining town during the month of July.

Full steam ahead for Bo’ness & Kinneil heritage rail expansion.(The Scotsman)

  • Posted On: 1 July 2019
Scotland’s leading heritage railway is planning to develop its stations into destinations in their own right to attract more passengers and increase the frequency of trains.

François Davenne takes up his role as new Director General of UIC

  • Posted On: 26 June 2019
François Davenne has been announced as Director General of UIC at the UIC General Assembly held on 25 June in Budapest. The appointment will take effect on 1 July 2019 with a four-year mandate. Mr Davenne succeeds Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, who served as Director General of UIC for over ten years.

Attica Group wins Gold award in category “Innovative Concept” – Eurail – Interrail Greek Islands Pass for 5 Domestic Destinations

  • Posted On: 26 June 2019

Attica Group  wins Gold award in category “Innovative Concept” – Eurail – Interrail Greek Islands Pass for 5 Domestic Destinations

Attica Group, the parent company of SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS, is proud to announce that it has been awarded with 5 prizes in Tourism Awards 2019, organised by Boussias Communications.

In the awarding ceremony that took place on 9 April, in the presence of more than 700 executives and celebrities from the industry, Attica Group received the following awards:

  • Gold award in category “Innovative Concept” – Eurail – Interrail Greek Islands Pass for 5 Domestic Destinations

The Gold award in category “Innovative Concept” refers to the railway “Eurail and Interrail Greek Islands Pass for 5 Domestic Destinations” by ATTICA GROUP, which are valid for ship travel in 5 Greek islands of choice. This is an innovative product, which has already reached the Top 10 of preferences for railway passengers in Europe.


  • Posted On: 20 June 2019

Former Deputy PM of Australia, Tim Fischer, (and Patron of WATTRAIN) has advocated not waiting until 2031 for the Tullamarine rail link from the CBD of Melbourne to Australia’s only 4 runway capable ‘non curfew’ airport. In a statement to Wattrain:


Another decade without any breakthrough with public transport to this key hub airport of Tullamarine would be a disaster. The one freeway would go into total gridlock for four hours a day, jamming the bus / coach service in the process.

Steam engine rolls into Moor Street Station to launch new Vintage Trains partnership.(Vintage Trains)

  • Posted On: 12 June 2019

Historic steam engines are set to play a greater role in the region’s rail network following the signing of a ground-breaking new partnership.  

The West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE) has teamed up with Tyseley-based Vintage Trains in a bid to establish the Shakespeare Line as Britain’s premier mainline heritage railway.

The company runs historic steam engines on a range of routes including the hugely popular Shakespeare Express between Birmingham Snow Hill and Stratford-upon-Avon.


Turnover from the UK’s heritage railways has doubled over the decade to 2016 and a Parliamentary inquiry valued the annual contribution at £250 million.*

Asian Network of Industrial Heritage--Field School

Topic: “ The Preservation and Practice of Asia-Pacific Railway Heritage ”

  • Posted On: 16 May 2019
Topic: “ The Preservation and Practice of Asia-Pacific Railway

Heritage ”
Admission Information

I. Purpose:
According to the spirits of “Taipei Declaration on Asian Industrial Heritage” issued at The
15th Session of The International Committee for The Conservation of The Industrial
Heritage (TICCIH) in 2012, which states “recognize the importance of transnational and
regional industrial heritage and the future Asian regional cooperation to promote the
preservation of industrial heritage is critical”, MOC established “Asian Network of Industrial
Heritage (ANIH) “ in March 2018, and held the first international preparatory meeting on
May 31, 2018, and agreed to take “railway” as the theme to promote preservation of Asian
industrial cultural heritage in 2019.
The field school curriculum aims to carry out “The Riga Charter” spirit and to promote ”The
Preservation and Practice of Asia-Pacific Railway Heritage by taking the preservation,
maintenance and management of Alishan Forest Railway for example. Especially, young
workers and researchers of railway cultural heritage from differing countries are invited in
order to enhance the railway cultural heritage preservation, activate knowledge, and establish
exchanges and cooperation networks.