Ferroclub Argentino participated in "Night of the Museums" in Buenos Aires.

  • Posted On: 6 December 2019
On November 2nd the Night of the Museums took place in Buenos Aires, the Ferroclub Argentino participated in it presenting in the station of the former Ferrocarril del Sud, current Ferrocarril Roca, a historical formation..

About the World Rail Festival 2019

  • Posted On: 2 December 2019

The World Rail Festival is a world leading event that attracts global public transport operators to Amsterdam. Over 900 attendees will join us to discuss key topics in the market such as commercial strategy, digital transformation, next generation ticketing, customer experience, revenue management, MaaS and smart mobility, stations, connectivity, real time information in the rail, bus and urban mobility sectors.

Confirmed Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Roger Van Boxtel, CEO, NS 

Gianbattista La Rocca, CEO, NTV 

Fabien Soulet, CEO, TGV Lyria

Torkel Patterson, Member of the Board, Japan Central Railway

Tobias Kruse, Business Design Director, EALA, Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive 

Alexandra Van Huffelen, CEO, GVB  

Iain Griffin, CEO, Seatfrog 

Arne Fosen, CEO & Director Passenger Trains, VY 

Gill Shmuel, Director of Business Development, Riskified

Henri Ploom, Co-Founder & CEO, RebelRoam

Jaap Bierman, CEO, HTM 

Keir Fitch,

World Rail Festival..Last Chance to Get Tickets!!

  • Posted On: 2 December 2019
World Rail Festival..Last Chance to Get Tickets!!